If you’re searching for cute fall family picture ideas, look no further! Fall in Arkansas (or anywhere, but I am a bit biased for Arkansas) is the perfect time of year to take your family photos. Whether you’re just documenting the development of your crew or taking Christmas card shots, the beautiful fall foliage, temperate weather, and festive decorations of autumn make the ideal backdrop. If you’re considering taking the plunge for new family photos this year, here are the best fall family photoshoot ideas!

Should I Hire a Photographer or DIY?

You will surely want to consider several things before taking your family pictures. Firstly, do you want the ease of a professional photographer or the budget-friendliness of a DIY photoshoot? You basically have three options to score the perfect set of photos.

1. The DIY Challenge

Many people have high-tech phone cameras that take amazing photos. If you want to save money, consider the possibility of purchasing a ring light, remote, and a phone tripod for taking your own photos. I purchased mine on Amazon for around thirty dollars, giving us beautiful, professional-looking family pictures. Remember that most photos do not look professional after one snap. You may need to do some editing to get that finished look. There are so many editing functions on phones now for photos, but you can also up photo editing apps like Capcut, Lightroom, or Photo Editor Pro, among hundreds of others.

2. The Friend Approach

The second budget-friendly option is to have a family member or friend take your photos. I have done this with family, where we all picked a day to take family pictures, dressed for the photos, and took turns taking the pictures. This way, everyone got beautiful family photos for basically free. You can utilize Pinterest or Instagram to save some fall family photo ideas and try to recreate them with your own crews.

3. The Professional Approach

Lastly, hire a photographer. For the most professional-looking pictures, this is your obvious choice. Their equipment, understanding of light, shadow, and framing, and their editing skills are often worth the splurge. Good photographers often come with a hefty price tag. However, the results are long-lasting photos your families will hang for a long time. Hiring a photographer also provides the benefit of their experience. They are often able to get young children to participate when parents cannot, and they have a better eye for what poses look the most symmetrical in a finished photo. If you’re looking for a wonderful family photographer in Central Arkansas, I can highly recommend Sommer Holden at SOHO Photography.

There’s no right or wrong way to take your fall family photos. Choose budget or choose ease. It’s totally up to you!

Fall Family Picture Outfit Ideas

If you’re going to take the time to take family pictures, you want everyone to look put-together. You can have an adorable backdrop and perfect smiling faces, but if the color scheme is off, the photo will not professional or worthy to hang above the mantle. Chances are, you have already thought about the clothing you want your family to wear. This being said, there are a few things to consider when choosing your fall family picture colors and silhouettes.

1. Fall Family Pictures Color Scheme

fall family picture ideas

Before you can pick out any clothing, you definitely want to consider the color scheme you will wear. Everyone does not need to wear the exact same color. You want some contrast in your photos, but the outfits should correlate. You must also consider your backdrop colors and try to coordinate your outfits to both stand out from the backdrop and fit in at the same time. DO NOT let everyone pick out their own outfits. If I did this, my family photos would look like the Wild West met up with the Disney princesses.

Pinterest is a great place to find color schemes that you like! You will want to consider whether you want more neutral tones (such as shown in the picture above), seasonal colors, or classic solids (such as jeans and white shirts). You also need to consider your family and what looks best on your people. If you have a family of little redheads, you will not want to be putting them in fall oranges and yellows. It’s not going to bode well. Think about your people, the backdrop, and where you will hang the pictures as well. Then choose outfits that will work for those parameters.

Popular Fall Family Picture Color Schemes

  • Black, white, and gray
  • Mustard yellow or autumn orange with light grays or neutral tans
  • Army greens with brown, tan, or denim accents.
  • Deep purples paired with warm grays
  • A mixture of whites and pale creams (similar to the above photo).

2. Formal or Informal for Fall Family Photos?

fall family picture outfit ideas

When you’re brainstorming your fall family photoshoot outfit ideas, consider whether or not you want a more formal look or a casual one. In recent years, I have seen people go outside these two realms and do more of a mystical/mythical outfit choice. This beautiful photo was taken by Courtney Rudicel Photography out of Indiana and is a perfect example of the “formal” family photoshoot. Remember, these photos may hang in your home for years! By going formal, you can ensure a classic look that probably won’t go out of style as quickly as dressing your family in the season’s trends. It also looks nice on a Christmas card.

A more informal outfit could include jeans, button-up blouses, polos, etc. These photos tend to feel more natural. Again, there’s no right or wrong way to go. It’s a personal preference. Think about your backdrop, the place you will hang the photos, and how you want your family pictures to feel, and make your choice.

Choosing Your Poses

After choosing your outfits, the next major decision is the essence you want your family photos to portray. This is a major point to consider if you are not hiring a photographer. Even if you are hiring a photographer, everyone has a different vision for their photoshoot. You should know what you want before your meeting to communicate your desires with your photographer. We have included a few posing ideas below to help you brainstorm!

1. The Live Action or Candid Shots

fall family pictures colors

These are my favorite types of pictures. Candid photography snaps a picture of what you would normally do if you were frolicking out in the woods or swinging your little one between two parents. Catching a picture of your toddler playing in some leaves, jumping up and down, and climbing on a small wooden fence are all examples of live-action photos. These fall family pic ideas work best for families with small children, and for those who want a vibrant and natural wall of photos to showcase.

2. Sitting and Looking Pretty

fall family pictures color scheme

There is nothing wrong with a traditional pose of sitting together (or standing) and smiling. I love this photo taken by Little Moments Photography because this is what many people want hanging in their living rooms. This kind of picture is perfect for those who have purchased the ring light with the remote (mentioned earlier) because you can easily take a sequence of photos. T

3. The Kiss

fall family photoshoot ideas

Whether you are posing for engagement photos or have been married for 50 years, “the kiss” or “almost kiss” is popular among couples. Even if you’re taking pictures with the whole family, these poses memorialize how much you love each other through all the different seasons, literally and metaphorically. If you have children, simply allow them to gaze up at you or play at your feet for a candid shot.

4. For the Newborn

toddler fall family picture ideas

If you’re lucky enough to have a newborn in the fall, then new family pictures are a must! In the fall, families are more mindful of the weather and not wanting their new little ones out in the cold. This is especially true in Arkansas since the weather is unpredictable this time of year! However, you cannot beat the beautiful fall background for your newborn pics (or any, for that matter)! This particular picture was taken by Allie Photo, and it is absolutely amazing! So if the weather cooperates, consider something like this for your newborn fall photoshoot.

5 Best Fall Family Picture Ideas

In this section, we’ve lined up the best places to take fall family photos. If you’re lucky enough to live in Arkansas, then you’ll definitely want to take your photos outside! From pumpkin patches to rural dirt roads, Arkansas is loaded with beautiful landscapes to snap some fall photos! Here are a few spots to consider that should be available no matter where you live.

1. Fall Family Picture Ideas: Local Pumpkin Patch

fall family picture ideas for the pumpkin patch

The pumpkin patch is a top choice when it comes to fall family picture ideas because it naturally offers the perfect backdrop, and it keeps the little ones entertained. Not only is a pumpkin patch great for family activities after the pictures are taken, but it also offers amazing outdoor settings for candid photos. Most even have a photo station set up for the sole purpose of snapping that perfect curated shot!

Because there is so much color in a pumpkin patch, you may consider a more casual dress in neutral tones. The neutral color scheme will blend beautifully with the vibrant pumpkins and fall foliage while making your family stand out.

If you’re looking for the perfect natural setting for your fall family photos in Arkansas, bring your crew to Arkansas Frontier! Our fruitful pumpkin patch, covered wagons, and Frontier village make the perfect backdrop for fall-themed photos. If you plan to bring a professional photographer, please make arrangements with us first.

For more Arkansas options, check out “5 Must-Visit Pumpkin Patches in Central Arkansas!

2. Fall Family Picture Ideas: Natural Landscapes

Nature Fall Family Picture Ideas

To take full advantage of the autumn foliage, seek out a natural environment for your fall family photos. My first suggestion is to look for parks that have an abundance of trees, open fields, or, if you’re lucky enough to have one in your area, woods with waterfalls in the background. Arkansas state parks like Petit Jean, Queen Wilhemina, or Devil’s Den are fantastic options.

The parks are great, but you don’t need to travel to a state park to find stunning scenery. Most of Northwest Arkansas is gorgeous in the fall. Take a little road trip and stop in some of the adorable small towns, pull over on a dirt road, or visit a picnic area next to a stream. The options in The Natural State are endless. Just make sure you obtain permission to shoot on the property. This is especially important if using a professional photographer. You don’t want any surprise fees!

When considering your family outfit ideas, look at the foliage’s color. For instance, in the picture above, the foliage is mostly yellow. The family’s choice of deep purples or burgundy is perfect! It’s the complementary color on the color wheel for rusty yellows and oranges. However, if the fall color palette is more diverse, consider wearing more neutral tones to help you and your family stand out.

3. Fall Family Picture Ideas: Historical Parks

Best Parks for Fall Family Pictures

In Arkansas, historic parks are a hit for family photos. In the area of Northwest Arkansas, many families will take their fall pictures on the historic campus of the University of Arkansas. This campus has existed since the 1800s and has some of the most beautiful trees for fall.

Another fantastic historical park to take your fall family pictures is the Old Mill in central Arkansas in Little Rock. It’s also been around since the late 1800s and has the feel of a secret garden. Imagine how beautiful this place is in the fall! Hot Springs National Park includes woodlands, waterfalls, and some of the most stunning architecture in the state. It’s great for urban candid shots!

4. Fall Family Picture Ideas: Your Own Backyard

Backyard Ideas for Fall Family Pictures

For some families, there’s no better place to snag the perfect photo than your own backyard. You need only create a backdrop. Something as simple as pulling some chairs out to the backyard for a posed image has a gorgeous effect. This option is great if you’re in an area where the weather is too unpredictable, or you have a lot of kiddos, and you don’t want to chase them around. Another perk of this option is that you can easily change up your outfits by just taking a few steps inside the house.

5. Fall Family Picture Ideas: A Corn Maze

The Perfect Corn Maze Picture Ideas

Arkansas is home to dozens of fantastic corn mazes. We can’t think of a more fun way to capture some candid shots than to spend the day at a corn maze! Often, pumpkin patches will also have corn mazes on the properties, so you can get double the bang for your buck! The striking color and height of the corn perfectly frame your family and provide a textured and interesting backdrop. Strike a pose in the row for a curated shot, then allow the kids to hide in the corn for some fun candid snaps.

The Best Ways to Display Fall Family Photos

1. Create a Photo Wall

Head for Hobby Lobby or your nearest home goods store. Grab a series of white or black frames that you like. Choose a variety of sizes. Arrange your frames in a visually appealing pattern on an open wall space and display your brand-new family photos in a traditional way.

2. Create a Family Album

Fortunately, gone are the days of overpriced photo books for your living room coffee table! There are many great websites where you can upload your pictures and have a beautiful photobook within a few days. These options are Walmart.com, Amazon, Shutterfly, and Snapfish. Personally, I love Shutterfly because of its ease of use! It’s simple to pick a style that matches your family and home decor. Plus, you can send photos or other photo books to other family members directly from their website.

3. Create Fun Home Decor

Utilizing Shutterfly, Canva, or Printify, you can easily upload your pictures to create a huge variety of objects. Place your new fall photos on coffee mugs, cute pillows, wallpaper, a throw blanket for grandma, phone cases, or pretty much anything else you can imagine! You paid for those babies, you might as well get maximum use out of them!

Final Thoughts on Fall Family Picture Ideas

Fall is the perfect time for taking family pictures because of nature’s beautiful color palette and the temperate weather. We hope you have found this to be a comprehensive guide for your family photo shoot. Whether you’re on a tight budget or have enough to hire a high-end photographer, make the effort to gather the troops this fall and snap some photos! Remember, there is no right or wrong way to do it. Every family is different, and you want to represent your family’s unique fashion style and personality accurately. Spend some time thinking about the vibe that you want, and then get busy creating it! I know your fall family photos this year are going to look amazing. You got this!

If this article has excited your sense of wonder for Arkansas nature, check out our new guide to “Discovering Arkansas in the Fall: From Hiking to Pumpkin Picking.”

Happy Fall Ya’ll!

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