There is absolutely a significant reason why Arkansas is called The Natural State. There are so many beautiful scenes and activities to do that encourage us to get our families outside. One of the best things about living in Arkansas is the changing seasons. Being born and raised in California and moving to Arkansas as a teen, I can honestly say I will never be anywhere else. All that said there are so many pumpkin patches in Arkansas it is hard to figure out which one to take a trip to! Fear not, for here we have the list of some of the best pumpkin patches in Arkansas for families this Fall season based on activities!

AR Pumpkin Patch Ideas – Top Picks and Why!

I’m a planner. I like to look at where I’m going, maybe places to stay overnight, whether or not the location is cost-effective, and are the activities more for kids or can I as an adult participate in them? I know that’s a lot of different things to look at; however, if I’m driving out of my living area, I want to know how to best fill my days. So if you’re asking the question, “where is a pumpkin patch near me that my whole family will enjoy”, then look no further than this ultimate guide to Fall fun …and great pumpkin patch ideas!

Best Pumpkin Patches in Arkansas for Families

1. Arkansas Frontier – Pumpkin Patch in Quitman, Arkansas

Arkansas Frontier - best pumpkin patches in Arkansas for families

As an Arkansas resident and an educator, I cannot emphasize enough how awesome this particular pumpkin patch is. There are so many different activities for your kids to participate in that they will be sleeping on the car ride on the way home. Arkansas Frontier is owned and operated by two retired teachers, and everything on the farm is geared toward having a blast while you’re learning and doing hands-on activities.

In fact, it’s actually way more than a pumpkin patch, and I mean way more. It’s almost like an entire little village, and what’s neat is adults will have just as much fun as the kids. There is everything from a Native American village you can tour, to actually experiencing class in a one-room style school house. Talk about taking a trip back in time! There is also a pre-historic history program and dino-dig the kids can do.

In addition, there’s this fun family-friendly enchanted forest you can walk through, a wild forest trail ride, and then another hay ride everyone can go on. There’s also a neat mining center where you can mine for fossils and gem stones, oh and I can’t forget the mountain man demonstration! …whew, literally there is so much to do here.

In the Native American village, your kids will learn about the mini arrowheads on the property and how Indians farmed and lived in the ‘old’ days. Your children can learn what it was like to homestead over 100 years ago in a dog-trot style house and be rustic school-house students, back in a time when things were a lot simpler. They can even try out doing some of the chores, and you might want to give them a try yourself! Everything is entirely interactive so your child, and you, will have a blast! And who doesn’t like a petting zoo with cute fuzzy animals to pet, because there’s that too!

In addition to all the super awesome farming and historical activities at Arkansas Frontier, and I can’t even get to them all here, it also includes your traditional pumpkin patch activities for the whole family to enjoy! There’s of course the actual pumpkin patch, but there are also duck races, big foot races, huge slides, a cool picnic area for lunch, and way more! I would rate this location as suitable for kids and teens, and seriously even adults because of the many different activities that include everyone.

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If you want to make an entire weekend out of your ‘Arkansas pumpkin patch’ experience, this location is sandwiched in between (and only an hour from…) the Arkansas state capital of Little Rock and Hot Springs. Both Little Rock and Hot Springs are ancient cities with much history to explore. Plus, there are many great places to stay and eat that are fun for kids and adults.

2. McGarrah Farms – Pumpkin Patch in Pea Ridge, Arkansas

If you’ve never been to a pumpkin patch in Northwest AR, or just never been to Northwest Arkansas in general, it’s a great place to visit! This homestead family farm has been run since the early 1800s and has no plans of stopping. The McGarrah Family farm is a family-friendly pumpkin patch with many different activities for the kids. The various pumpkin patch activities include traditional events like the barrel train, a kid-friendly corn maze, a youth pumpkin picking area, and hayrides.

For the last decade, my oldest child has attended the McGarrah Farms pumpkin patch every year and *Now goes with her younger sibling. I say this for the reason of explaining that I believe this particular pumpkin patch is best served for kids 10 and under. While it is fun to take the whole family to go pick out pumpkins, preteens and teenagers may find this place to be boring after about the first 30 minutes.

For the smaller ones, you could probably spend a good 4 to 6 hours here and have a very nice and quiet car ride home! This pumpkin patch also has a picnic area, so you do not have to spend a small fortune on eating out.

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What makes McGarrah farms so ideal, aside from the rich history of this family farm, is its location in beautiful Northwest, Arkansas. Pea Ridge Arkansas is located less than 10 minutes from the homeplace of Walmart. Bentonville, Arkansas hosts the most beautiful trail Systems in the entire nation. Also, in this location is the renowned Crystal Bridges Museum that holds some of our nations, most cherished art pieces. If you like good food this place is where you want to go. With tons of niche restaurants and custom breweries you will certainly enjoy your stay as much as your kids will.

Lastly, Northwest Arkansas is directly next-door to Eureka Springs Arkansas, which holds some of the scariest haunted hotels in the entire nation. And if you don’t want a real ghost experience, you will be sure to find a really great haunted house in that town.

3. Peebles Farm – Pumpkin Patch in Augusta, Arkansas

If your family has older kids, or even teenagers, then this is a great Arkansas pumpkin patch to try. Like most pumpkin patches, the Peebles farm has operating dates running from late September to the end of October. There are so many activities at this pumpkin patch that it is unlikely for you to get through every single one of them in one day. All of these different activities will appeal to every age level, young and old.

For the smaller kids, enjoy things such as the petting zoo, barrel train, play area, Horse and carriage ride, sunflower patch, and so much more. For the older kids that are looking for a little more interactive fun, they can enjoy things like the pinball arcade, corn cannon, pumpkin blaster, and basketball wagon.

Bring the whole family back together at the end of the playing for the u-pick pumpkin patch. In my family, everyone picks their own pumpkins and then decorates them for display during the Halloween season. What a great way to ensure the whole family has fun and can come back together with awesome experiences!

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I really like the location of this particular Central Arkansas pumpkin patch because you are only one hour away from the state capital, and one hour away from Memphis, Tennessee. Venture out of town from your hotel, and go see Graceland, home of Elvis, in Memphis, Tennessee, or, go the other direction and see the state capital of Arkansas, and all of the history it has to offer.

4. Jackson Farm – Pumpkin Patch in Black Rock, Arkansas

One thing I thought was great is this location has pumpkin patch events celebrating their pet’s birthday; so everyone can bring their favorite furry friend with them! As you can see from the picture, there is a giant bounce pad that will bring the kid out of any adult. Again, this pumpkin patch has activities for every member of the family ages 0 to 99! Currently they have a helicopter candy drop and fireworks scheduled for October 28th! How cool is that?

Activites include pig races, corn mazes, corn cannons, obstacle courses, a jungle gym, feeding farm animals, pony rides, and so much more at this pumpkin patch! One thing I thought that was unique was that families can book fire pits to hang out around during the evening hours. Also, the whole entire family will certainly find some thing they enjoy eating at this spot. They have all of the appetizing things that you might find at a county fair; hotdogs, funnel cakes, carmel apples, walking tacos, hamburgers, and fresh lemonade! Yum!

Lastly, want to do a little souvenier shopping on your trip? This pumpkin patch has a shop for you to do just that!

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As with the previous location, this pumpkin patch is sandwiched in between Little Rock, Arkansas and Memphis, Tennessee. However, the distance to the two are a little further away, looking at a 2 hour drive to either one. Black Rock may be best suited for a day trip, as it is a little more in the country.

5. Bobrook Farms – Pumpkin Patch in Roland, Arkansas

Last, but certainly not least is the Bobrook Farms in Roland, Arkansas. Based on the various activities that this family farm has to offer, I would recommend this pumpkin patch for families with children, 10 and under. The activities include things like rubber duck races, pumpkin patches, a play area, Farm animals, hay rides, pig races, etc. Well, all of these activities are a lot of fun and families with younger children would really enjoy them, teenagers may not be as entertained.

One thing that is really unique is that this particular Central Arkansas pumpkin patch has a winery right on the property. While children cannot be in the tasting room (and rightfully so), children can sit on the deck with their parents, while they enjoy a much deserved glass of wine or other beverage.

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This is also a pumpkin patch in central Arkansas, really, right smack in the middle. Only being 30 minutes away from Little Rock. You could almost stay in the state capital and travel to this pumpkin patch for a day. Personally, there is so much to see in Little Rock that I would book an Airbnb or hotel, and travel to the pumpkin patch during a day of my stay.

Final Thoughts on the Best Pumpkin Patches Arkansas for Families

Whether you are looking for the best pumpkin patches in Arkansas to take your family to, or just something to fill your Fall weekend, all of these in this guide are fantastic! Each of these pumpkin patch locations offer some of the best pumpkin picking spots in all of Arkansas with tons of other activities for some great Fall family fun.

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