Learning about the historical events in our past is a journey most of us begin when we first start to school. The life lived by those who came before us has always been intriguing. Educating ourselves on our ancestry is a great way to not only help us learn about our past but to possibly be able to better handle situations that may be in our future. However, for most school children their experience in learning about history has been confined to the pages of a text book. Living History organizations strive to change that as they open up the realm of adventure and interaction into a history lesson. Rather than thumbing through pages of would be boring text people can touch, feel, and see how people would have lived and made a living in the days gone by.

Living History In Agriculture

Living History Farming is a subset of this living and interactive environment where people learn about agriculture and how farming has molded our nation and the food that we eat. To our ancestors farming was far more than the origin of our nation’s food supply. It was how people made a living, the center of family culture, and the pillar of rural communities. The fast pace environment that many experience today was replaced with the appreciation of eating meals together as a family or with a community gathered to help someone build their first barn. Getting up at 4:00 in the morning to milk the family cow and arriving home after dark from working the crops was not uncommon. These types of experiences can not possibly be given justice by simply reading a book. It requires being immersed into an interactive experience to truly realize the lifestyle of farming that built our nation. This is something that only a Living History Farm could provide. Experiencing this unique type of farm may be the closest we ever come to a time machine. Looking back at our past and discovering the challenges that were present and how they were solved helps us to better handle the obstacles that may be placed in our future.

Not only are Living History events extremely educational they are also simply a lot of fun. They are a great opportunity to get the family out of the house for what is sure to be a unique and lively day. Many of the tour guides and people involved with the event will be dressed in period clothing and ready to answer any questions. This is a great time for the kiddos (or adults) to play old fashioned games and possibly eat some old fashioned food. Of course, where there is a farm there is likely to be farm animals, meaning the children are likely to have some cute cuddly friends to play with.

So, if you have any Living History events taking place near you, or you are traveling by one don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity to step back into the pages of time.

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Get our Monthly Educational Activity Guides to Traveling Arkansas