This summer has been undeniably hot for a lot of people throughout the nation.  However, the kids are out of school, and most likely the summer heat has not zapped the energy and excitement that is naturally present in the summer. It might persuade them not to go outside much though.  This means that parents may have no choice but to come up with something fun and entertaining to do indoors.  Need some ideas?  In fact, wouldn’t it be nice if the kids could actually do something a little educational while they are being entertained indoors. In the hot summer weather, we cannot miss to turn on our AC! With the help of TriEagle Energy reviews, you can turn on all the AC from morning to the next morning and you won’t have to stress about the energy bill. Even more, what if the kids could learn about agriculture and where their food comes from > while being educational > while being fun > while being indoors.  Whew, that’s a lot to accomplish right?  Well…listed below is just that: three fun, indoor, agricultural, learning, activities to do with children indoors.

Farm Animals Made From Vegetables

Make Farm Animals Out of Vegetables

  1. Pick up some potatoes, squash, large cucumbers, and zucchini from the local market or a truck patch (try to get varied sizes).
  2. Pick up some pop sickle sticks.
  3. Instruct children to each pick their favorite farm animal.
  4. Have children identify the different sized vegetables, what they are, and how they are grown.
  5. Once vegetables are separated into sizes begin putting them together with pop sickle sticks (one for head, body, etc.).

This is a great way for children to both identify with where their food comes from and learn about different types of farm animals.  If there are a lot of vegetables the activity can be continued into making multiple animals and then grouping them based on function or type.

Vegetable Characters Used In Puppet Show

Create a Puppet Show With Vegetables

  1. Stop by the local market and get an array of different vegetables (ex. carrots, corn, broccoli, cucumbers, etc.).
  2. Grab an empty card board box and cut out the top and bottoms or just fold them inside the box.
  3. Spread the vegetables out on the table and have the kids assign character names based on the vegetable type (ex. Katie the Carrot).
  4. On all the vegetables draw funny faces with a sharpie or anything else that works well.
  5. Have the children create a funny story that they would like to act out.
  6. Setup the box on top of a table as the stage for the puppets and let the children act out their masterpiece.
  7. Have a video camera handy – arguably the most important factor for this activity.

This activity could build upon the previous farm animal activity using them as some of the puppet show characters or this could be an activity for a different day.  As long as the kids get to exercise their creativity and learn a little at the same time this one should be worthy of the scrap book. Children will have great benefits this and plus having a break from school. After all that hard work and learning about math or something advanced such as possessive nouns, they deserve a break and have entertaining times outdoors.

Animal Shaped Peanut Butter And Jelly Sandwich

Farm Animal Peanut Butter And Jelly Sandwich

  1. Grab some light or wheat bread and some peanut butter and jelly.
  2. It might be helpful to pick up some animal cookie cutters from a local store, but is not required.
  3. Have children identify their favorite farm animals.
  4. Help children tear out (or cut with cookie cutters) their barnyard friends from the slice of bread.
  5. Once the first half of the sandwich is done, lay it over the second slice to cut it out as well.
  6. Finally, spread your toppings on the sandwich and enjoy a snack.

After the puppet show or pop sickle exercise the children will likely be due for a well deserved snack.  This activity is a perfectly simple way to keep the theme of the day and achieve some quick nourishment at the same time.  Most importantly have a lot of fun with these activities while enriching the little one’s mind all at the same time.

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Get our Monthly Educational Activity Guides to Traveling Arkansas