Anytime you plan a trip anywhere, you need to do a little research. You look at where you want to go, then figure out what you want to do while you are there. If you are anything like me, you are probably checking the cost of the different activities. I have considered all aspects of planning that perfect pumpkin patch trip! As an educator and a mother, I’ve kept in mind the budget for a family and made sure the activities are educational and fun for kids! If you’re looking for the best pumpkin patch in Arkansas, you don’t need to look elsewhere.

Best Pumpkin Patch in Arkansas to Visit

best pumpkin patch in Arkansas

Hands down, the best pumpkin patch in Arkansas to visit would be the pumpkin patch at Arkansas Frontier. This pumpkin patch is the perfect place for a pumpkin patch field trip, photo opportunities, or a day at the farm. The Arkansas Frontier pumpkin patch is located in Central Arkansas, not too far from the state capital of Little Rock. Visiting this particular farm is excellent because not only is the farm amazing for families, but it is also super close to many other fun activities.

What does Arkansas Frontier Have to Offer?

1. Farm Animals

Best Pumpkin Patch in Arkansas

I’ve never met a little kid that didn’t love cute farm animals. I have met little kids who do not like to pet animals, but most of them like to at least watch them. These cute and furry farm animals will undoubtedly be something that your kids will love to pet and play with while on the family farm. There will be enough to keep kids entertained and happy, from goats to bunnies, ponies, and sheep in the petting zoo.

2. It is a Family Farm

As mentioned, this pumpkin patch in Arkansas is owned and operated by retired teachers. This family farm takes into consideration the fact that kids need educational kids to play. Everything has a purpose for teaching the little ones something more than they knew the day before. The owners have ensured there are plenty of educational activities to keep your little ones talking about their experience for a long time after their visit to the pumpkin patch.

3. Picnic Area

picnic at pumpkin patch

If you’re planning a family trip and are on a budget, you want to ensure that wherever you go, the pumpkin patch allows you to bring a packed lunch. Many pumpkin patches do not allow you to carry food from the outside into their farm or facility. The Arkansas Frontier pumpkin patch not only allows you to bring your family lunch but also accommodates a picnic area to sit and eat.

4. Fun Mining Activity!

mining a pumpkin patch

Arkansas Frontier also includes mining for precious stones among the many different learning experiences for children. For only five dollars, your child will receive a mining bag where they go to wash and search for their precious stones. The best part is the kids get to keep whatever they get! This mining activity aims for kids to understand or know what the old 49ers had to do to find gold during the gold rush.

5. Kids’ Play Area

playground at pumpkin patch

I love going places and letting my kids play and use their imagination. Finding a pumpkin patch in Arkansas that has a good play area is definitely something to keep in mind. Sometimes moms and dads are tired and need to sit down while their kids play on the playground, swings, and hay bales, using their imaginations to the fullest extent.

6. Pumpkin Picking!

u-pick pumpkin patch

We of course can’t have a guide to the best pumpkin patch in Arkansas without talking about actually picking pumpkins! The most exciting part of visiting the pumpkin patch is picking out your own pumpkin and taking it home to bake or carve for the Halloween season. The pumpkin patch is the perfect place for photo opportunities with your family in the middle of the pumpkin fields. You can get great pictures of your kids and family picking their Fall pumpkins.

7. The Not-So-Haunted Enchanted Forrest

hiking at Arkansas pumpkin patch

If you don’t want to take your young ones to a haunted house, the next best thing is the enchanted forest at the Arkansas Frontier pumpkin patch! Venture through the forest of age-old fairy tales, such as Hansel and Gretel, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, and the Three Little Pigs. There are tons to see! If you’re lucky, you will see some wildlife along the way. So skip the haunted house, and enjoy the enchanted forest.

8. Special Pumpkin Patch Events!

pumpkin patch duck races

There are so many great things to do at the pumpkin patch! Pig races and duck races are a couple that are bound to get you laughing and having fun! Watch the sibling rivalry unfold as your kids race there are ducks, or just watch them compete with other kids, who are equally competitive!

Where Can I Stay Overnight?

1. The Capital Historic Hotel

Located in a perfect spot in downtown Little Rock, this historic hotel is in the heart of Central Arkansas. There are many amazing restaurants, ice cream parlors, and bougie bars with craft beers. What is better after a long day at the pumpkin patch? While this hotel is a little more expensive, it is in the perfect location!

2. The A-Frame Getaway

accommodations near Arkansas pumpkin patch

If you aren’t one for hotels and prefer a more intimate setting, this A-Frame Getaway cabin on Airbnb is a fantastic option! This a-frame house has enough room for a whole family, with all the comforts of home. Also, for under $200 a night, why not! You could even cook your family a night meal outdoors and enjoy the beautiful Arkansas, fall scenery.

3. Beautiful, Walkable, Downtown Airbnb

airbnb near Arkansas pumpkin patch

Last but not least is this awesome option that still provides a walkable distance to downtown while allowing for the convenience of having your own space. Plus, this apartment has enough rooms for parents and kids to have their own sleeping space and a full kitchen! Also, another perk is that you don’t have to worry about city parking! Boom!

Final Thoughts for Your Pumpkin Patch Trip

Whether you’re searching for pumpkin patches, events, and activities or choosing an area with much more than just a pumpkin patch, Arkansas Frontier is your place to visit! With so many different things to do from pumpkin picking to touring a pioneer village, how can you go wrong? Central Arkansas has so much to offer! You can get all the beauty from fall with the beautiful trees, historic buildings and museums, and the joy of pumpkin picking at this awesome pumpkin patch.

So pack your bags and get ready for an unforgettable fall getaway!

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