Fresh ingredients are a must for a truly great meal and there is no better place to get the highest quality fruits and vegetables than at your local farmers market. More and more people are heading out to support their farmers these days. It could be due to all those yummy cooking shows or a civic mind that is geared towards locally grown sustainability. Whatever the reasons may be Farmers markets have never been more popular, and we are going to tell you where some of the best ones in the United States are located.

1. Santa Cruz, California

Our first stop is in Santa Cruz, California. This farmers market has expanded due to demand to include five separate locations, including one location that has live music, arts and crafts, and even a few cooking demonstrations for good measure. This market goes above the call of duty by offering information in regards to food safety to city residents. With five individual markets, they can run on different days which helps everyone to have the opportunity to sample their wares. This means everyone gets a chance to eat healthier.

2. Santa Fe, New Mexico

From Santa Cruz we travel south to Santa Fe New Mexico. This market was originally just temporary until it adopted a permanent home in a railyard. Every Sunday you can find 100 or more vendors trading everything from luscious produce to fine arts and crafts. The Santa Fe venue even offers tours of the local farms where they grow their produce.

3. Burlington, Vermont

Let’s not forget the marketplace in Burlington Vermont, which is a smaller marketplace but still has an abundant offering available for purchase. Rain or shine you will find around 60 vendors ready to help you choose from their best and freshest produce. This market also sells homemade crafts and prepared foods like kaiser rolls and other bread,  and they also have pies.

4. Ocala, Florida

Sunny Florida is our next stop on the best Farmer markets tour because in Ocala they have some of the best tropical offerings to be found stateside. Ocala’s Circle Square market offers cooking demonstrations with produce sold at the stands, giving you a taste of what you will be able to cook at home. They offer fresh fruits and vegetables as well as homemade products and all in an intimate setting perfect for browsing.

5. Chattanooga, Tennessee

Want to attend your first ice cream social? Then join me at the last stop on our list, Chattanooga Tennessee. This gigantic market has everything you could want, whether it’s fresh roasted coffee beans, homemade salsas, cheeses, or cake. All this and more is offered here and they still have all of the more traditional fare of a farmers market, showcasing their best fruit and vegetables for your buying (and eating) pleasure. This market also has a monthly cooking class with menu items drawn from the local produce, giving you a great opportunity to taste the wares before you decide what lovely meals you wish to create at home. Farmers who farm all sorts of fruits, herbs, vegetables and even more exotic things like  Kratom, Sacred Kratom, these are going to be the best farmers for heathy products you can find!

You can’t go wrong with home grown goodness, especially when it is part of the locally grown initiative. You can make the freshest meals for your family all while supporting your local community. Taking the time to browse through your local farmers market is a great way to give back to our local food producers while improving your own quality of life. Buying fresh baked goods, cheeses, and fruits and vegetables is a good start to reducing all the processed foods we have become accustomed to purchasing. Creating healthy meals and nutritious snacks is made simple when you shop at your favorite farmers market. Find out where the nearest market is and head out there and avail yourself of some of the finest fresh produce and baked goods.

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