U-Pick farms are growing in popularity. It is now popular in America, as it should be, to want to know where exactly your food comes from. When it comes to fruits and vegetables unless you grow your own, a u-pick farm is really the only way to know where your food comes from. A u-pick farm is a farm where you shop for fresh produce, so fresh, in fact, that you pick it yourself.

Some great u-pick farms in Arkansas include; Caney Creek Berry Farm in the central area, Wildacre Ranch in the southwestern area, Hardin Farms in the southeastern area, Maw Maw’s Blueberries in the northwestern area, and Naomi’s Fresh Vegetables in the northeastern area. Although, there are several more pick-your-own berry farms throughout Arkansas we wanted to take a moment to highlight these, as they are relatively evenly dispersed throughout the state.

  1. Caney Creek Berry Farm in Central Arkansas

    Caney Creek Berry Farm is in Faulkner County. You have to book an appointment to come pick and they are a cash only business. You can pick fresh blackberries and blueberries! These berries are farmed in a pesticide free environment! Making them healthier to eat and better for the environment.

  2. Wildacre Ranch in Southwest Arkansas

    Wildacre Ranch uses natural growing practices to grow their blueberries. They do u-pick but some are all ready picked, the choice is yours. They take cash or check and are open 8AM to 8PM Sunday through Friday. Wildacre Ranch is also in the process of becoming organically certified!

  3. Harden Farms in Southeast Arkansas

    Harden Farms has a plethora of u-pick choices including: blackberries, beans, broad beans, corn, cucumbers, eggplant, melons, peas, pecans, peppers, summer squash, winter squash strawberries, tomatoes, and a great variety of other vegetables. Hardin Farms also has a gift shop, snack and refreshment stand, restaurant, and picnic area.

  4. Maw Maw’s Blueberry Farm in Northwest Arkansas

    Maw Maw’s grows blueberries using no pesticides. They are opened from sun up to sun down Sunday thru Friday. They only accept cash and are a fantastic stop to pick up fresh and delicious pesticide free berries

  5. Naomi Fresh Vegetable Farm in Northeast Arkansas

    Naomi’s Fresh Vegetables is in Stone County and uses natural growing practices! They are open to appointments for you to come and pick your very own fresh and healthy fruits and vegetables!

Regardless of where you decide to pick your fresh produce the experience will surely be an interesting one! Knowing the source of your food is a great way to ensure you are eating healthy! Not only will you see the source of your food in most cases you will have opportunities to meet the farmers who grew your food from the seed up! And if you are lucky enough you might be able to find some white maeng da (which, by the way, is perfect as an energizer or as a supplement to deal with stress), and in case you don’t, you can always find the highest quality maeng da at SacredKratom.com. That is not something you will get from a grocery store. Picking fresh fruits and vegetables is not only healthy but it will also be an enjoyable time for you and your family. It is an event that you can build a day around and have a fantastic family adventure or even a fun and unique adventure with your friends! There are so many positives to u-pick farms that you will surely find another great aspect upon each new u-pick experience. So get out there and enjoy all the health and entertainment value of picking your own produce.

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